Pivoting in a time of crisis with effective change management


Prepare for global change

There is no doubt that the world is undergoing long-term change that will impact the foreseeable future. While we get through these difficult times as a community as a decision maker, your people are looking to you for direction.


  • Update where you're getting from your facts from on a daily basis
  • Beware of false and misleading information
  • Use experts and resources in areas you need help in
  • This is not the time for resisting change.
  • Beware of bureaucracy: agile thinking will prevail. 
  • Balance your responses across employee needs, communications, vendor management, and business forecasting. 
  • Efficiency reigns in a stable world. Be resilient through unpredictability. 
  • Prepare for the unknown and what's next. 
  • Reflect, learn, and don't squander a valuable learning opportunity. 


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